LEGO Pick A Brick haul #2

Back in October, while visiting a LEGO Certified Store I spotted white picket fences on its Pick A Brick wall. I just so happened to be carrying my small Pick A Brick cup with me that day, so I went to town.

And because I reused my own small Pick A Brick cup, I enjoyed a discount of $1.40, bringing the price down to $19.50 in Singapore. Cool!

What's inside

Here are the total part counts:

172 parts in total for $19.50 works out to 11.3 cents per part, which is almost twice as much as my first small Pick A Brick cup purchase, but keep in mind that the vast majority of parts in this set are picket fences, large bricks and large brackets. The picket fences in particular cost over 20 cents each on BrickLink locally, so to be able to get 39 of those, and 119 other parts for just over 11 cents each on average is a really good deal in my book.


I'm really excited to have 40 picket fences (I have 1 from 10703 Creative Builder Box) to put up around the houses in my LEGO town. And I already have a few uses in mind for the SNOT bricks, including but not limited to buildings.

I can't wait to show you what I'll be working on.